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About Hovoh

If you are looking for complete homes for sustainable living, hovoh is where it’s at.

Located in the heart of the bustling Bugis area, one of the oldest districts in Singapore and home to some of the island’s few remaining shophouse clusters, hovoh has been conceived from the stunning pre-war, colonial-style shophouses that are part of Singapore’s architectural heritage. We have lovingly upgraded the interiors of this well-loved structure, conveniently located opposite the popular Bugis Junction shopping complex. Inside, we have created a comfortablesafe and complete residential space while preserving the historic integrity of its iconic façade, integrating the exterior features into the interior design. hovoh is giving these shophouses a new lease of life – and adding to the rich character of Bugis.

Understanding that needs have changed, we are committed to providing complete, safe, beautifully minimal, well-appointed homes, designed for the way you live today while protecting the way of life of tomorrow. hovoh homes have been built from sustainable resources and feature energy-saving technologies to reduce the impact our modern-day living has on the environment.

The hovoh brand draws inspiration from the concept of the egg “ovo”, which gives and sustains life and is characterised by unique qualities of perfection, harmony and essentiality, completely in line with our own brand values.

We are more than just a new hospitality brand. Our vision is to be the leading housing solutions company in Asia, delivering exquisite, clean, sleek minimalist, yet warm and inviting homes that all share our hallmark characteristics – they must be safe, wholesome, sustainable and complete.