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A Sustainable Home For A Sustainable Life

Overcrowded cities and building emissions are major contributors to the climate crisis and soaring temperatures. Worldwide, the real estate sector makes up almost 40 per cent of carbon emissions – a shocking statistic, to say the least.

Fighting climate change is an important cause for us at hovoh for a more sustainable tomorrow. Co-living is not just about being “co-mmunal” but also “co-mplete” – which means providing accommodation that is safe, clean and sustainable during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We’ve incorporated eco-friendly initiatives at every step of our design and build.

Simply by making a hovoh home your home, you are doing your part for the environment, without compromising on the comforts you enjoy.  

Reduce water usage by 50%

Each time you use water in your hovoh home, it is collected by our greywater system, which cleans and repurposes the water to be used for irrigation and toilet flushing. You’re helping us reduce water by as much as 50%.

Reduce electricity bills

Most of the power in your hovoh home is generated by solar power from panels on our roof. By reducing electricity bills by coming off the grid, we’re able to pass this cost saving to you.

Reduce energy usage

On top of that, we’ve installed smart monitoring and sensor systems into our home designs to help you reduce energy consumption. Just like in a hotel, when you leave a room, smart sensors switch off your lights and aircon for you.

Use zero waste toiletries

Whether it’s bedding from ethical suppliers or making sure the toiletries are zero-waste, we’ve got you – and the generations after you – covered. Everything you use in the washroom, such as cotton pads, has been sourced and packaged so that there is no environmental damage.

More than that, it’s a culture of circular living at hovoh that we are trying to cultivate. Never underestimate the impact of eco-motivated communities. Together, we can set an example for the world and help banish climate blues with our green initiatives.

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