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CP Residences introduces new coliving brand “Hovoh” at Bugis Street

Hovoh focuses on presenting complete, sustainable homes to evolved tenants

November 2020

SINGAPORE (02 Nov 2020) – CP Residences, a leading coliving accommodation provider announces a new hospitality brand Hovoh, to introduce a complete, sustainable coliving offering in Bugis Street, a development integrating the former Bugis Street and Bugis Village.

Managed by CapitaLand and set in the heritage Bras Basah Bugis precinct, Bugis Street is a vibrant street shopping destination, with local brands and spaces for communities to thrive. Located next to Bugis+ and opposite Bugis Junction, it is accessible via Bugis MRT Interchange Station serving the East-West and Downtown Lines.

CP Residences seeks to redefine the coliving experience that will take into account trending lifestyle evolutions such as the appeal of home-offices and home-gyms (as global work-from-home trends continue), sustainable homes, earth friendly initiatives and the need for cleaner, safer premise and the demand for digitised accommodation services.

Complete, Sustainable Homes is the Future

Hovoh is a new brand by CP Residences focused on presenting complete, sustainable homes to evolved tenants.

Since 2014, CP Residences has devoted itself to providing quality accommodation to its growing community of local and global citizens. Building on its promise and legacy – to be wholly committed to the experience of its guests, whom it places at the heart of its brand, Hovoh spearheads a new direction in hospitality.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rise of social distancing measures across the globe, community and socially driven concepts and constructs like coliving has to be examined for its viability, relevance, and sustainability. Having been in the hospitality industry for a better half of this decade and having to make rapid changes to our business offerings as an accommodation provider, we know first-hand the evolved and new demands of the tenants of the future, who, for instance, now prioritize safety and cleanliness over community services” shares Xin Hui Helder-Eng, spokesperson for Hovoh. “The word “co” in coliving used to stand for community, now, for us, it also stands for “complete” , she adds.

Paving The Way Forward in Coliving

Committed to providing complete, sustainable, safe and clean homes for tenants, Hovoh dedicates itself to the following enhancements to its protocols and future-ready initiatives in:

About Hovoh

The brand draws inspiration from the concept of the egg, “ovo”. Widely regarded as a wholly independent single cell organism, the egg is able to sustain and give life, and is characterized by unique qualities of perfection, harmony, and essentiality, which deeply resonates with the organization’s brand values.

“ovo” means egg, and the ‘h’s on either side represents its expertise in harmonising ‘hospitality’ and ‘homes’.

Hovoh will create housing solutions that are independent, self-sustainable, and complete. More than a just new hospitality brand. Hovoh is an evolution of housing solutions, conceived to cater to the next generation of tenants. The vision is to be the leading housing solutions company in Asia. Hovoh homes will be focused on delivering its brand values of sustainability, essentiality and harmony, alights with life, ever evolving, safe, wholesome, and complete. “We are currently navigating the crisis of our lifetime, a crisis that has challenged us to evaluate our nature, our purpose and our social impact. Our team of specialists is proud to present a highly-evolved brand of hospitality, singularly unified in our shared vision to provide “complete homes” to the new generation of tenants, whose needs have changed.” Wendy Yap, CEO of CP Residences and Founding Partner of Hovoh.

About CP Residences

In 2005, the first property at Centrepoint gave the original spirit of the brand, CP Residences. A leading coliving accommodation provider, the 600+ apartment and room offerings across Singapore, United States and Vietnam are all hand-picked with the spirit of being the “centre point” of lifestyle-living in mind, each unique property is a nexus of activity.
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