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A New Hospitality Brand is Born

October 2020

SINGAPORE (September 2020) – CP Residences launches hovoh, a new brand focused on presenting complete homes to evolved tenants.

Since 2014, CP Residences has devoted itself to providing quality accommodation to its growing community of global citizens. Building on its promise and legacy – to be wholly committed to the experience of its guests, whom it places at the heart of its brand – and following six months of observation, research and development, CP is proud to present hovoh, spearheading a new direction in hospitality.

Welcome to hovoh – a hospitality brand which will deliver sustainable homes that meet the demands of our highly-evolved and changing needs.

The brand draws inspiration from the concept of the egg, “ovo”. Widely regarded as a wholly independent single cell organism, the egg is able to sustain and give life, and is characterized by unique qualities of perfection, harmony, and essentiality, which deeply resonates with the organization’s brand values. “ovo” means egg, and the ‘h’s on either side represents its expertise in harmonising ‘hospitality’ and ‘homes’.

“We are currently navigating the crisis of our lifetime, a crisis that has challenged us to evaluate our nature, our purpose and our social impact.” shares Wendy Yap, CEO of CP Residences and Founding Partner of hovoh “our team of specialists is proud to present a highly-evolved brand of hospitality, singularly unified in our shared vision to provide “complete homes” to the new generation of tenants, whose needs have changed.”

“Having experienced working-from-home, city-lockdowns, and served stay-home notices, in the wake of a “new normal”, the needs of tenants have changed drastically, and hovoh seeks to provide safe, sustainable, well-thought-out, flexible, and updated housing solutions that support the new generation of guests. For instance, hi-speed reliable wifi is no longer an option; it is mandatory. hovoh homes are homes that have anticipated your myriad of needs and if complete.” shares Eliza, CCO of hovoh

hovoh shares its DNA with CP Residences, in the form of total commitment to its guests. However, hovoh strikes out on a complementary path where safety, connectedness and social wellness are at the core of the experience. hovoh will create housing solutions that are independent, self-sustainable, and complete.

hovoh is more than a just new hospitality brand. It is an evolution of housing solutions, conceived to cater to the next generation of tenants. The vision is to be the leading housing solutions company in Asia.

hovoh homes will be focused on delivering its brand values of essentiality, harmony, and sustainability, alights with life, ever-evolving, safe, wholesome, and complete.

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