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Flexible Packages

In a hotel, you have to fit to its style.
A hovoh home fits yours.

When you choose a hovoh home, we want it to fit to the way you live. We offer more than a reasonable degree of customisation to suit your needs.

We’re flex with the fittings

Needing to share a one-bedroom home with a friend? Just ask us and we’ll substitute the double bed for two singles if space allows. Like to work in daylight lighting instead of yellow tones? Again, just let us know and we’ll replace the LED bulbs to the tone of your choosing. Or perhaps aircon isn’t your thing. We’ll be happy to supply a fan instead.

We’re flex with the rental terms

We see no benefit in locking you into a fixed long lease when the future is so uncertain. We just ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months and you can renew weekly or monthly after that.

We’re flex on more besides

Here’s a comparison of flex and not, for private residential leases in Singapore so you can truly appreciate why living in a hovoh home is the only logical choice.

Flex Life Traditional Leasing
Premise Flex Life:
From awesome, complete homes, move-in ready and with all kitchen, bathroom and house cleaning essentials, to unfurnished ones.
Traditional Leasing:
Unfurnished or partially furnished or main furnitures only
Furniture Flex Life:
Traditional Leasing:
Location Flex Life:
Re-select another if not completely satisfied
Traditional Leasing:
Maintenance Flex Life:
Traditional Leasing:
Utilities Flex Life:
Readily connected – and always contracted with lowest-cost utilities provider
Traditional Leasing:
Self-application of local water, gas & electrical provider
Add ons

Flex Life:
You get to choose :

  • Housekeeping service
  • Relocation service
  • Full utilities package
  • Or none at all
Traditional Leasing:
Lease period Flex Life:
3 months
+ monthly or weekly renewals
Traditional Leasing:
1-2 years fixed commitment
Deposit Flex Life:
1 month’s rent
Traditional Leasing:
1 year’s tenancy = 1 month’s rent
Customer service Flex Life:
Friendly team at your service
Traditional Leasing:
Routed to agent

Build your customised hovoh package with us today, and live the flex life.

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