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Take the food road most travelled at Mohamed Sultan

May 2022

From godowns and shophouses to clubs and bars, Mohamed Sultan Road has been home to many historical and recreational sites.

Alongside its neighbouring areas, it is a treasure trove of culture and cuisine, where you can immerse yourself in the sights of the past and tastes of the present. Today, it boasts its reputation as one of Singapore’s food havens.

The picturesque façades of the buildings lining the street are history themselves. The Mohamed Sultan Road of the 1980s was once filled with factories, shops, and warehouses that stowed and redistributed goods from ships in Singapore Harbour. They have since been conserved, and various businesses have occupied the renovated buildings throughout the years.

Many of these businesses included several bars and clubs, the first one being Front Page which opened its doors in 1991. This catalysed the boom of night activities in Mohamed Sultan Road, peaking at 19 clubs and bars in 2002. Since then, its nightlife scene had taken the back seat, but nevertheless paved the way for putting the place on the map.

Prepare to eat to your heart’s (and your stomach’s) delight at Mohamed Sultan Road, where you’re sure to find something to fulfil your cravings from the several restaurants that now populate the area.

Up for some European meals? Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse and The English House by Marco Pierre White got you covered. Enjoy a modern Italian feast at Bistecca that celebrates steak in all its glory. Their namesake, after all, is their signature dish Bistecca alla Fiorentina — a thick and juicy Tuscan-style T-bone steak with a charred crust. Classic English dishes such as fish and chips, roasts, and wellingtons are the name of the game at The English House. Moreover, they offer a menu dedicated to Hong Kong dim sum, including prawn toast, meat buns, and claypot dishes.

As the perfect sweet ending, gelatolabo’s gourmet ice creams and sorbets might just be the thing. Excite your senses with their unique yet delectable flavour combinations; some of these are peach and lemongrass, shiso and yuzu, cold brew coffee and cookie butter, and even smoked artichoke and pear. Treat yourself to a chocolate splurge over at Laurent’s Café & Chocolate Bar — be it a box of chocolates or anything from their cake and pastry collection, a sweet tooth can find its match here.

However, let’s say you’re strapped for time, and you want to grab something delicious and filling without much fuss. Hovoh Café, Mohamed Sultan Road’s newest addition to its F&B family, can do that for you. It adapts to the modern lifestyle by operating on the very concept of grab and go.

Hovoh Café commits itself to sustainability, obtaining its seasonal food from local sources. Customers need not look further for whole-day sustenance, with the café offering gourmet coffee selections and a special menu for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, indulge in all-time favourite dishes, including curry, burritos, and banh mi.

However, it doesn’t trade quality for quickness; rather, Hovoh Café fuses both nutritious eating and convenience into a pleasant dining experience. Patrons can relish their readily available meals right there in the café’s dinette, or they can bring it with them wherever they prefer.

Drop by Hovoh Café, opening May this year, at its new home in CP @ Mohamed Sultan Road to get your instant fix of tasty and healthy food!

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