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Any time is chow time: An enticing spread awaits at Hovoh Café

May 2022

May 2022 sees Hovoh Café opening its doors to customers who want delectable and healthy food they can enjoy wherever and whenever they want.

It is the newest fast-casual café located along Mohamed Sultan Road, recognised in the past as a hub of night activities and in the present as a foodie’s paradise. Using only locally sourced ingredients with none of those pesky, harmful chemicals, their well-planned meals coexist in harmony with today’s dynamic lifestyle without sacrificing either flavour or nutrition.

Muffin, wrap, or feast — whichever one should you choose for morning sustenance, Hovoh Café’s got your back. Chicken patties and eggs are the stars of the breakfast show, as they are featured in all three options. Cabbage and cherry tomatoes accompany the main leads inside a tortilla wrap, while an English muffin encases them along with a slice of cheese. A larger yet not any less flavourful ensemble of pork bacon, chicken chipolata (sausage), mushroom, and baked potato finds itself mingling with the protagonists at the breakfast feast that’ll leave you satisfied.

A trio of colours and proteins serves as the theme of the curry lunch at Hovoh Café. Baked fish fillet is in the red curry, and you can find their green curry featuring delicious slow-cooked pork. Both variants also include additions like white and brown rice, onsen egg, edamame, sweet corn, and a cabbage salad. The yellow surf & turf curry puts the spotlight on prawn tempura and oven-baked chicken leg, alongside the same inclusions of rice, corn, and salad.

All-time favourites are likewise available at any time, led by the Hovoh Signature banh mi: a crusty and airy baguette stuffed with your savoury meat of choice (chicken or pork), fresh vegetables and pickles, all complemented by a good smear of soft pate. If you’re up for another sandwich or your second wrap of the day (or maybe even both!), try out the ham & cheese deluxe sandwich, served with a side of potato wedges; or the classic burrito, where oven-baked chicken, edamame, sweet corn, and smoked dressing are rolled up inside a flour tortilla. On the greener side, there’s the prawn Caesar salad, where the addition of poached sea prawns ups the ante on your usual romaine-and-crouton medley. The pasta side, though, presents spaghetti in a rich cream sauce with pork bacon and mushroom, topped with parmesan cheese.

Satisfy your sweet tooth’s cravings with treats from Sweetness by Hovoh Café! Nothing beats a classic chocolate cake or even a dessert muffin, which are only two selections from the café’s assortment of pastries. Celebrate coconut and pandan with a slice of their special ondeh ondeh cake, and indulge in cheesy, custardy goodness with hints of fruit offered by their cheesecakes.

Hovoh Café also has an assortment of beverages that you can choose from. Revel in the Vittoria gourmet coffee collection, available in both hot and cold, with familiar picks like cappuccino and cafe mocha, as well as their house speciality gula java iced coffee.

Moreover, juices and sodas are available in refreshing, fruity flavours — perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. Customers can also order from Hovoh Café’s wide array of alcoholic beverages to pair with their meals.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or at the café’s indoor dinette, you’re sure to have a dining experience catered to you at Hovoh Café. Tasty, nourishing food without you having to play the waiting game — they’ve got it signed, sealed, and delivered. Swing by their abode at CP @ Mohamed Sultan Road this May as they welcome you to a Hovoh feast you’ll come back for more.

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